Sukkot Liturgy

Pdf version of Sukkot Liturgy

Sukkot Liturgy

Liturgy Sukkot ~ 


May all Your creation, Mar-Yah, our Alaha, praise You. And Your khasidim and tzadikim, who work according to Your Will, and Your people, Beit Yisrael, shall all give thanks unto You with celebratory psalms, and they shall bless, praise and give glory to Your Most Glorious Name, for it is certainly befitting to give thanks unto You. And it is joyous to chant with great joy concerning Your Name, and from the present world to Olam ha’Ba, You, O Mar-Yah, are El-Shaddai Mshikha! 

Psalms 27 and Psalms 34


Blessed are You, Mar-Yah our Alaha, the King who is given all the glory with psalms. Amen. 


Adonai, open my lips, that my lips may speak Your praise. 

Blessed are You, Mar-Yah, our Alaha, and Alaha of our fathers, Alaha of Avraham, Alaha of Yitzkhaq, and Alaha of Ya’aqub. You who are the great, mighty and fear inspiring Alaha, the Supreme One, Almighty, Mshikha, You who reward with loving-kindness, who possesses all things and remembers for the good of Your people, the kindness of the Patriarchs, and brings Mshikha to the seed of their children for the sake of His Name, in love. 

From Pesakh to the eight day of Sukkoth add:] 

He who causes the dew to descend. 

[From the eight day of Sukkoth to Pesakh add:] 

He who makes the wind to blow and the rain to descend. 

Blessed are you Mar Yah, Our God, who blessed us with this new autumn harvest. Praise Yah!

Glory Be