(From Mir Salazar)

Greetings to the brethren,

This letter is based on the same from 2017 and 2019.

The time has come again for the rite of Universal Absolution to be observed for the benefit of all members of the various spiritual communities within the Religion of Light.

There are three specific reasons behind this need, especially at this point in humanity’s existence:

1. new members who recently joined a spiritual community who did not benefit from a previous absolution,
2. the fact that there are some who have not been able to receive the Holy Seal due to not having a cleric in their particular congregation,
3. the Living Spirit has called for the people of the Religion of Light to prepare for their future, and that the first step in this preparation is to become cleansed.
4. Mir Mahvar has established simple criteria for those who wish to benefit from the Universal Absolution:

a. Prayers asking the Father for the forgiveness of sins and transgressions committed.

b. Prayers petitioning the angels and other celestial beings to assist other members that they would be attentive to the urging of the Spirit of holiness and the seriousness of what this absolution means.

c. Prayers asking that the Spirit of holiness continue to guide the clergy of the Assembly of the Religion of Light and the clerics, elders, and the lay-clerics of the various spiritual communities so they may be a shining light to the laity.

d. Make an offering according to your means, sending it to the headquarters of the assembly, and if this is not possible, give to an honorable charitable organization.

e. Also, you may wish to undergo a spiritual bath, reciting your own prayers asking for guidance, especially concerning being prepared for the future.

The prayers mentioned above, are not found in a liturgical text, but instead, should be from the heart, and said to the best of your ability. The Father knows your heart.

Thus, if the criteria above are followed properly, members will receive the benefit of this absolution.

For those who do not fully understand what this term is, Universal Absolution, simply put, is the cleansing of all previous sins, transgressions, and spiritual guilt that individual members have been carrying with them. This means that all sins have been removed by the commandment of the Living Spirit and by the power of the Godhead. This also provides a clear conduit for the Spirit of holiness to provide each member, who did not previously receive it, the Holy Seal. While the Holy Seal is permanent, Universal Absolution does not entitle a person to sin with the thought that the absolution they received previously would cover additional sins. In other words, if a person sins after receiving absolution, they continue to carry that sin with them. However, the Father knows that humans transgress every day and that the flesh is weak. Thus, the Godhead has authorized the establishment of additional practices for those who are sincere, who make amends for sins committed after receiving absolution, to have those sins remitted, especially if they are sins that grieve the Cross of Light.

Mir Mahvar stated that after the Universal Absolution has taken place, that beginning with the month of December 2021, members should remember to be in the daily habit of praying for the Rabbah of the Religion of Light (Rabbah Rish’kahni), for his health and continued guidance of the Spirit of holiness. Additionally, all adult members should be making food offerings (according to their means), sending these to the headquarters. For those who can not send actual food items, monetary gifts can be sent so that food can be obtained. In 2017, the Living Spirit made it known that food offerings are to be the standard practice of all communities within the Religion of Light. The Living Spirit has also communicated that these food offerings will ensure the removal of transgressions committed against the Living Cross of Light. In addition to these requirements, members who are able, are to erect a simple altar or prayer corner in their homes to recite their daily prayers, including the prayers on behalf of the Rabbah, and to make small offerings (or symbols of the same) of water, tea or coffee, rice or fruits, and vegetables to the Heavenly Father.

This special Universal Absolution begins on the evening of December 20 and concludes on the evening of December 21. Mir Mahvar, Mir Mehrshad, and Rabbah Rish’kahni will perform the necessary duties involved with the Universal Absolution from a location that has been chosen by the Living Spirit. Please utilize this week for serious prayer, contemplation, meditation, and thanksgiving for this unique gift.

The Universal Absolution will be observed again on the evening of January 20, 2022, for those who were unable to participate with the above items A through E.

It is my prayer that all of the sons and daughters of the One Spirit, our loving Father and Creator, realize the seriousness of what Universal Absolution is, and that they take this opportunity to become cleansed, so they may stand before the Creator wholeheartedly and serve Him without stain from the world. I pray that each member of the Assembly of the Religion of Light, follow the practices of special prayers and offerings established by the Living Spirit, so they may benefit their own souls and those of others.

May the light of the Creator shine upon you always.

Mir Salazar
December 20, 2021

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