Qurbana {Eurchrist}

We take Yeshua’s words as being literal, in the sense of referring to the true presence of His blood and body. This is why we say, in some versions of the Qurbana liturgy, that the “true presence of the blood and body” are on the altar.

To Essenes this means that 1) Yeshua is the source of our Faith in Torah and the New Covenant and 2) that His flesh and blood made the opportunity available for Alhym’s children to have their faith sealed. This is then confirmed by our partaking of the bread and wine, which is imbued, after calling down Ruach Ha’Kodesh by the kahein or other cleric, with the true presence of the blood and flesh of Yeshua.

Thus we are nourished with both Torah and His Teaching in the New Covenant.

May Alhym bless you,
(late) Sofer Michael Benor