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Nazraney_SthambamsAre you interested in the Thomasine faith?
If you are serious about your interest in the Thomasine faith, feel free to send us an email and someone will reply as soon as possible. Please include your name, birth date, and location (country). Please also include at least a paragraph length statement about yourself and your faith, and any religious affiliations.

We can only respond to serious inquiries. This is not an “internet church” and we don’t believe in instant membership, nor in agressive missionary work. Our numbers are very small — in fact, so small that if you live in England, France, Germany, the United States, Canda or South America, and most of the Western hemisphere, you are not likely to find a congregation that you can meet with for worship. For those living in the West, we encourage establishing home study groups, inviting the public to your home or a safe area in your city, where the Scriptures, Traditions and Revelations of the Thomasine faith can be discussed in a respectful manner. Some of our brethren live in countries where they are persecuted and not able to practice the faith openely.

If you believe you can not, at this time, seriously commit to our religion, or if you do not think you can practice the religion without fellowshipping with others of like faith, then the Thomasine faith may not be for you. We wish you the best in whatever decision you make.

Depending on the time of the year, replies to your inquiries may be delayed for two weeks or more.