If the child is capable of learning at an early age, you never know – you could be feeding a prodigy or what later turns out to be a genius. That is my personal opinion. If you have a plant that one day you know will turn out to be a beautiful tree, why delay in watering it for a couple of years? From you very own experience, you know that even an infant who has his/her eyes open, is learning from colours, and their ears are learning from sounds. It is never too early, even before birth.

Father Jonathan Stephen Tarendra

Homeschooling  has been a tradition of the Thomasine and Netzari Communities within the Religion of Light. It is one of the Blessings Father God has bestowed on us. Mother Mickle has been homeschooling her children for 12 years and counting. As stated above, she has taught each of her children before they were born using, what is referred to today as the Right brain education.


Talking to her children while in the womb by explaining her basic tasks, duties and etc throughout the day and having basic conversation with her children. Reading to her children in the womb, sing and playing music such as classical music music, Indian chants and mantras and Opera performances. Visualizing Historical piece of art and teaching basic skills such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes, facts, the colors by name. Teaching the sounds of English words by Over pronouncing the first letter of words that describe what she is communing at the time. An example, If she was eating or cooking oatmeal, she would state to her child/dren in the womb that she is boiling, rinsing, or eating ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooatmeal. Then she would tell the child basic facts about oatmeal.


The child/dren are learning through hearing her voice and acknowledge her mother tongue and also learning through her thoughts. To aid in helping the child/bren in her womb learn sight, she has reflected gentle light by a low powered flashlight or stand in away that the sun rays can penetrate her skin and reflect inside her womb. Whenever her child or children kicked or punch the wall of her womb, she would gentle tab where the kick was felt as many times as the child kicked.


All these acxtivities aids in the child/dren learning and building and keep brain cells they will needs when they finally inter the world. After the children is born, she continue these activities using the Doman Method and Wenger Method. To help the children increase and keep the brain cells the accumulated in her nurturing womb . She continues the Doman and Wenger Method, especially, Wenger Method until her children are adults. The Doman Method, Glenn Doman and Rob Doman until 13.  She has used Montessori method at a time at request of her husband, yet still continue using the Right Brain Method of Education.


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