tag An Important and Imperative Change is in Occurrence within the Thomasines community. Upon the Father Mar Yah, Blessed Mother Miriam has given his message that the Thomasines community will join, amongst others, the Ancient Catholic Church and with this join, the church will be called Old Rite Latin Church. Thank you for your patience. God be with you, Keep you and Bless you. tag

mar-thoma-shlikhaWelcome to our site! May the blessing of God the Father and the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the love of Yeshua the Messiah be with you.

The twin of our beloved Lord, Saint Thomas (Mar Thoma), stepped onto the shores of India in 52 A.D. Our beloved saint brought the Faith of his Lord to the people of India and the East.

Devoid of influence from other religions at the time, the faith of Messiah was purely a Hebrew religion based entirely on the teaching of the Messiah, His ransom sacrifice and the Law of Israel, but expressed through the lens of the spiritually committed people of India and those who adopt our way of life.

The Thomasine Community is officially known as the Mshikhani Province of Mar Thoma. We are a province of the Assembly of Mshikhanim. Use the menu above to explore the site and learn more about our Faith.