Celestial Message From Mir Mahvar | The Coming of United Covenants

I hope you are doing very well.

In a recent conversation, His Holiness Rabbah Rish’kahni (Brother of The Teacher of Righteousness) shared some important quotes from Mir Roshkha and Mir Mahvar that it is important for you to read.

Mir Mahvar stated: “The time of the combining of the various covenants through Faithism is arriving. That time is just around the corner. Various spiritual worlds and plains of existence are preparing, while some others are ready now.”

“In the “United Covenant of Light”* the core sacred text, or holy book, is the Oahspe. In that single covenant, all other texts are to be considered as “sacred devotional reading that helps a person continue walking on the holy path, but must be read in the light of the Oahspe.”

*(The term United Covenant of Light was used by Mir Roshka, Himself)

To sum up: The time of the combining of the covenants is soon approaching. The unifying element of all communities will be the Oahspe and Faithism. This Covenant will be called “The United Covenant of Light”.

The Central Holy Book of the United Covenant of Light will be the Oahspe.
His Holiness shared that all other religious texts of the various communities will still be used but that they will serve as devotional texts that help serve to keep individual Child of Light on the Path of Light.

We live in wondrous times. Praise Yehovih!

(The source for the above is from a now retired member of the spiritual leadership)