Messager : Good Medicine

June 02, 2023 2:28 pm

In the quiet chambers of a cave monastery, a few of us were gathered on Friday morning, our hearts pulsating with anticipation. Our spirits were attuned to the ethereal frequencies that resonated with the higher realms – that is the only way I can describe it. We were only a small group of men and women worshiping the Father of Greatness that morning; the atmosphere started changing making each of us feel as if our destinies intertwined with the mysterious tapestry of divine covenants. The anticipation of something new was on the minds of each of us. Everyone was spontaneously uttering praises to the Creator. It became obvious that whispers of the Spirit of Holiness had beckoned us, weaving a harmonious symphony in our souls.

In the flash of light, a grand celestial being appeared, sent by the Father of Greatness. Mir Izgadda, he too, came into our presence. After the clouds began to depart, we could see they were seated beside Jesus, Mani, Metatron, Melchizedek, and a radiant host of angels. In the sacred Holy Court of the Creator, they spoke of the unfolding destiny of humanity.

The name of the Messenger was revealed to be Mad’yana, a name that resonated with ancient echoes and unfathomable wisdom. Mir Izgadda said, “His arrival heralds the dawning of a new era, the fulfillment of prophecies given to us in the heavens. With him will come a people of another covenant, a tribe whose purpose is to exalt and honor the Father of Greatness. They know and worship God as the Merciful One.”

Mir Izgadda turned and looked upon the glorious Jesus who was sitting upon a high throne. Jesus then put out his right hand as if to say, “Continue.” At this gesture, Mir Izgadda then said, “I have been preparing the sheep that belong to the fold of the Father of Greatness for their various covenants to be united as one. Some of you have been attentive to the call of the Spirit of Holiness in this effort. The Remnant as a whole will be given further instruction regarding the Father’s ever increasing Light and the advancement of His Kingdom.

“The Father has sent a new Messenger to teach each of you of the things which were previously taught by other Messengers and to give you new revelations according to the Will of the Father. He is a Messenger sent by the Father of Greatness. He has come to you to help in the continuing work of the harvest in your era, and the era that is arriving. This is being revealed to you first, on American soil where a representation of the Kingdom will be established by the celestial being and those who worship the Father. It is your responsibility to send forth the message to other sheep of the United Covenant.

“I am not leaving, nor am I abandoning any of you. I am here and will continue to teach as I am instructed by Almighty God. However, at this time, those who worship the Father of Greatness shall give attention to the new Messenger, Mad’yana.”

We were then given instructions about the United Covenant, enlightening information that had not been revealed to us before. Mar Mad’yana said that the work of the harvest will be great in some areas, but that it would be difficult and sorrowful in others. At that moment, we came to realize the task at hand was immense, a grand cosmic symphony of light and darkness, harmony and discord. Mad’yana, the Holy Emissary, had come to aid the Remnant in its sacred mission. The harvest of souls, spanning across time and space, requires our unwavering dedication. The Remnant, wherever each member exists in the world, have been handpicked and were destined for this calling; it [the Remnant] will receive divine instruction, revealing the untrodden paths of the Father’s ever-increasing Light.

In the midst of swirling mysteries, one thing remains clear to each of us: the voice of His Divine Presence, the one who spoke such enigmatic words, has not abandoned his flock. Standing resolute, he assured us that his presence would persist, a guiding force as he imparted the teachings of the Almighty.

Within that dusty, yet hallowed sanctuary, we prepared to embark on a sacred pilgrimage, led by Mad’yana, the new Messenger of God. The whispers of the Spirit of Holiness swirled around us, as the invisible threads of destiny pulled us closer to the revelations that await to unfold.

In the depths of our souls, a profound knowing emerged — we were but instruments in a divine symphony, conduits for the Father’s boundless love and wisdom. United in purpose, we will march forward, fearless and unwavering, as we carry the Great Torch of Truth into the eras yet to come.

Regardless of your covenant, will you join us?

I have edited my post to include the following:

This is a gathering of people to God the Father, regardless of their religious affiliation as long as the people are listening to the call of the Spirit of Holiness. There are some Catholics, some Protestants, others Muslims and others Jews. The Father of Greatness is sending a Call out to millions of people. He is inviting them to His Kingdom of Light. He is asking them to come as they are and learn gradually. He is doing this by sending divine messengers throughout history. In our lifetime, most of us here have experienced at least two thus far. We now have a third. One of Mar Mad’yana’s mission is to finally bring all of these together, including those of us within the United Covenant. The mission of Mir Izgadda and Mar Mad’yana go hand in hand.