Our Daily Bread for 29 August 2021

14th Sunday after Pentecost sd Beheading of St. John the Baptist
The Lord’s Day

Leil Selichot (Prayers for forgiveness in preparation for the High Holidays)

Novena of St. Louis Day 8

Pray to St Roch(e) (during the pandemic for the sick/sickened)

Prayers by the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Uzbekistan) for the Remnant

Recite the Rosary for peace.

The Lord’s Day:
First reading: Gal 5:16-24
Gospel reading: Matt 6:24-33

Daily reading and evening reading:
Thomas 4; Psalms 140-144; Odes 35 ;Didache 13; St. Sabina, M ?;Recite the Ten Commandments; Color – Green

Optional readings: Revelation Chapters 1-3 & Joel Chapters 1-3

Sunday Morning Psalms