Our Daily Bread for April 1, 2017

Saturday, 1 — Matthew 1; James 1; Psalms 1-9; Odes 1 – 4 (Mar Shimon-Kephas) (Commemoration of Miriam the Prophetess (sister of Moshe and Aharon ) Lev.1:1-5:26; Isaiah 43:21-44:23 Shabbat/Shabbat Vayikra † In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Forehead:”May I have the mind of Mshikha”, Mouth:”May … [Read more…]

Our Daily Bread for March 25, 2017

For Shabbat High Shabbat First Shabbat of the New Year      Havdallah Prayers {It is Tradition to read as much of the Torah reading early in the morning in both Hebrew and/or Aramaic. {Hebrew and Aramaic counter each other. Read as much as can and swiftly as you can yet with comprehension. Reading in Mother tongue … [Read more…]