Our Daily Bread 3 January 2020

First Friday Octave Day St John, ApEv {Color:white} Abstinence/Fast Day 🍊🍇🥜🍲🐟💧🥚🦆🧀🥛🚫🥩🐄 Oahspe Reading: http://religionoflight.org/ns/lightofgod/2020/01/02/lectionary-readings-for-friday-january-3rd-2019/ 3 — Matthew 5-6; Psalms 18-22 Customs on Preparing for Shabbat Customs Related to the Preparation of Shabbat Erev Blessings and Candle lighting prayers  http://thomasine.org/en/prayers/erev-shabbat-prayer-candle-lighting-blessing/ Kiddush prayers  http://thomasine.org/en/kiddush-prayers/ Sabbat Psalms http://thomasine.org/en/shabta-pslams/ Torah reading: Speed Read in morning as you prepare for … [Read more…]