Our Daily Bread June 2, 2018

Recite Corpus Christi Novena Corpus Christi Novena Shavuot prayers : 3 days left Psalms 5 {listen!} http://www.mechon-mamre.org/mp3/t2605.mp3 Book of Nehemiah {In Hebrew and English translations} Read the Book of Nehemiah in Syriac (Syriac Bible) https://archive.org/details/oldtestamentinsy00lond Commemoration of the memory of Mar Timotheus VIII (Mar Shimon-Kephas) Torah reading :Numbers.8.1-12.16 haftarah reading: Zechariah.2.14-4.7 In English : http://yeshuans.org/peshitta/main/ In … [Read more…]